The Shades of Love…

Among the things that make the heart leap with joy are:

The way people’s tones change when they talk about people/things they love; the way their eyes sparkle at someone/something they wish or long for; the way they walk towards their passions and follow their dreams; the way they put a smile on others’ faces, give without expectation and make others feel beautiful, happy and loved; the way they love unconditionally, forgive endlessly and give second chances; the way they get touched by songs, relate to movies and phrases in novels and are captivated with breathtaking views; the way they take chances, beat off challenges and stand for what they believe in; the way they work their socks off, push themselves beyond their comfort zones and laugh at their own problems; and most importantly the way they are forever grateful for whatever comes, find beauty in everything around them and live their lives to the fullest, peacefully!


©2018 Dina Al-Mahdy All Rights Reserved


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