Yasmine Motawy; Senior Instructor of Rhetoric and Composition at the AUC

Women of Egypt Mag

Monday February 4, 2019                  By: Dina Al Mahdy

46043944_2008841615876942_5483417444389224448_nDespite facing great challenges, contemporary Arabic children’s literature has witnessed remarkable developments lately, both in quality of text, illustrations and breadth of subject matter.

One of those driving forces behind this development is Yasmine Motway, a post-doctoral fellow at the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, HUSSLab at the American University in Cairo. Her relentless efforts in this field, have had a great impact on contemporary Arabic children’s literature.

As part of her endeavors to take more Arabic children’s literature abroad, Yasmine organized the first Outreach Symposium:New Directions in Egyptian Children’s Literature  at the American University in Cairo. The Outreach Symposium gathered authors, publishers, illustrators, educators, critics, translators, academics and interested members of the general public under one roof, to meet and talk about Arabic children’s literature. The event showcased new grassroots initiatives…

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