Sunshine After the Rain…

Sunshine after the rain..
Life’s little treats that kiss your pain away…
All you have to do is believe..
That all of this shall fade away..
And capture the first ray of light..
Passing through a gloomy day….

While reading this poem, enjoy some soulful music on my new playlist below:

©2018 Dina Al-Mahdy All Rights Reserved



  1. I am standing in my vacation cabin in Minnesota as I read this. Early morning sun streaming through the birch trees into the kitchen where I am making wild rice soup from scratch. What wonderful timing from around the other side of the world. Thanks


      • Hi Dina,
        what a pleasure for me…you are so friendly, thank you!!
        You must know, my English isn`t perfect, but I do my very best 🙂 .
        Writing articles in English has been a good lesson for me to improve, but actually I have a translator on my Blog.
        My shortest domain is: or
        Hope it works.
        I live in North-Germany and have no idea where you are from..
        Ok so far, I feel good here and will have a look at your wonderful fotogallery!
        All the best!
        Juergen from Rastede-Loy


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