A Gentle Reminder of the Little Joys in Life…

Women of Egypt Mag

Tuesday March 19, 2019                            ـــ By: Dina El Mahdy


This world can be a cruel place, it can become extremely difficult to focus on even the smallest amount of joy when all we’re ever exposed to is the hatred; the sadness; the undeniable heartbreak of what it can mean to be a beautifully broken, but perfectly flawed human.

I often find myself continuously searching for who I’m meant to be and what purpose I should be fulfilling throughout my life journey. It’s within these soul-searching moments that I realize that I’m always longing for all the things in my life that make my heart leaps with joy.

The contagious laughter amongst friends at jokes that don’t make sense to anyone else but us. The excitement that takes over my soul when someone tells me they finally got…

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