Rania Amin’s Campaign“WildSoul” Promotes Kindness and Empathy Towards Animals in Egypt

Women of Egypt Mag

Wednesday August 12, 2020
By: Dina El Mahdy
Illustrations by: Rania Amin

The chaotic streets of Egypt are becoming equally challenging to people and to the thousands of stray cats and dogs struggling to find food and shelter. Although Egypt is home to the oldest animal protection group in the region — the Egyptian branch of the international “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”, established over a century ago by British expatriates — Egypt still has a long road ahead.

Not a Toy, Not a Meal, Not a Clown

Veteran children’s author and animal lover Rania Amin Hussein combined her two passions to promote kindness and compassion towards animals. Her latest book, “Not a Toy, Not a Meal, Not a Clown”, which she also illustrated, is a cry out for more compassion towards animals. In parallel with the release of the book, Rania also started a campaign “Wildsoul”to…

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