If I Have Two Hearts: A Poem by Najdi Bedouin Poet Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah; Translated by Dina Al-Mahdy

لو كانَ لي قلبان لعشت بواحدٍ
وأفردتُ قلباً في هواكَ يُعذَّبُ
لكنَّ لي قلباً تّمَلكَهُ الهَوى
لا العَيشُ يحلُو لَهُ ولا الموتُ يَقْرَبُ
كَعُصفُورةٍ في كفِّ طفلٍ يُهِينُها
تُعَانِي عَذابَ المَوتِ والطِفلُ يلعبُ
فلا الطفل ذو عقلٍ يرِقُّ لِحالِها
ولا الطّيرُ مَطلُوقُ الجنَاحَينِ فيذهبُ

If I had two hearts I would live with one,
And devote the other to torment in your love.
Alas I only have one heart, possessed by love.
Neither pleased by living nor that death is near.
Like a tiny bird in the hands of a child, disgracing it,
Suffering the torment of death while the child is at play
Neither the child is aware of its suffering,
Nor the bird’s wings are free, for it to fly.

—Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah

Listen to If I Had Two Hearts – لو كان لي قلبان – by Al Farabi Music:

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