Your Love Is Never Wasted…

Each time you offer someone your love, in whichever form, it is never wasted. Everyone around you needs love just as much as you do; even the most malicious ones, they probably need it the most.

Sometimes the reason you give unconditional love is because the love you received came with expectations, conditions, and limitations. Perhaps the reason you say “I’m sorry”, “I’m proud of you” and “I believe in you,” is because you longed to hear them from your loved ones. And maybe the reason you show up for your loved ones is because there was rarely anyone to count on.

Please rest assured that all those deficits in the way you were loved have the potential to become your greatest strengths. All the daily offerings of love and presence—no matter how imperfect or small—are creating a better way.

Your decision to choose a more positive, loving path than the one you knew which will undoubtedly contain missteps and stumbles, are gifts too. They offer you a chance to own your humanness so your loved ones can own theirs.

Try this exercise: Use the power of the 3-second pause by saying to yourself, “Only Love Today,” in times of stress and conflict. Three seconds gives you just enough time to see your loved ones as human beings who count on you to love them, forgive them, and guide them. Three seconds is just enough time to see yourself as worthy of love, forgiveness, and guidance too.

Spread your love and be sure that it is never wasted. You will always receive it back from the Universe in numerous forms.

So pay it forward. Never regret being kind. Never regret being loving. You don’t necessarily have to wear yourself out with every person you meet, but just keep offering simple, God-given love: no regrets, no dwelling on outcomes, no bitterness; because that’s what you’re here for.

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Bibliographical References: Oprah Winfrey – The Law Of Attraction Library

©2018 Dina Al-Mahdy All Rights Reserved



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