The Liebster Award 2018: Nomination

Hey all my fellow bloggers! Hope you’re all doing great.

I am very happy to share with you guys that I have got nominated for Liebster Award by my lovely blogger friend Mairi.

Thank you so much Mairi for nominating me for this award. I haven’t expected that anyone would nominate me for that. Thanks lot for appreciating my work!

After reading Mairi’s Hitting 60, I get a sense of enlightenment from a woman who has the power to get back on her feet after every time she falls down. After reading her blog, I started to feel that it’s never too late to start over and to embark on your own journey of self-discovery. Her blog is brimming with topics she discusses on her diddy on the local radio called, Mairi’s Musings. She writes about poetry, parenting tips, inspirational thoughts and many others. I truly love her writings and the photos she posts with them. So I encourage all my readers to visit Mairi’s blog Hitting 60 and be inspired.


The Liebster is an award given to new and upcoming blogs, as nominated by fellow bloggers, in order to give exposure and foster a community of recognition and appreciation. The award was first implemented in 2011, and has been in place each year since.

The official rules for 2018 are as follows, and can be found in entirety on the blog The Global Aussie 2011. For more information about the award, please visit The Global Aussie 2011

The Rules:

1 Thank the person who nominated you

2 Display the award on your post

3 Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blogging

4 Provide 10 random facts about yourself

5 Answers the questions given to you

6 Create more questions for your nominees to answer

7 Nominate 5-11 other blogs for this award

8 Comment on the blog post from the Global Aussie with a link to them

9 Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and ends on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be announced on 31st of Dec.

Why am I passionate about blogging?

I love to write. I started writing and reading at a very young age. I’ve always been in a serious relationship with words, and have had a deep yearning to discover many of the answers that seem to have been hidden or forgotten in today’s world. Over time, I’ve come to know the power of words. Words can lift us up or break us down. Words literally have the power to change our livesEven those words we read on a page can change our lives drastically. Considering the power of words to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble, I started blogging as I’ve always been filled with passion to writing. Blogging is a great opportunity to share thoughts and experiences with the worldwide community. So in January 2018, I started blogging which helped me muse at the world through a lens steeped in mindfulness, adventure and tenderness in hope of inspiring as many people as possible through my writings and photography.

Ten random facts about myself:

  1. I am a bibliophile (books, blogs, articles, magazines, among others…). Libraries and bookstores are heaven for me.
  2. My greatest loves are art, writing, translation, literature, photography, traveling, cooking and music.
  3. I am a sea-lover. Walking on the beach is one of my favorite way to escape reality.
  4. I love art, mostly paintings, sculptures and graphic designs.
  5. I publish articles on Elephant Journal about well-being and energy healing.
  6. My articles will soon be published on Women of Egypt magazine.
  7. I am fond of yoga and meditation in nature.
  8. I am currently pursuing my old hobbies: playing ballet, golf and guitar.
  9. I am currently writing a short story collection which will be published soon.
  10. My dreams are to become a certified life coach and to hold a masters degree in translation from UK.

Now my nominees are:

  1. Bookzone
  2. Aroused
  3. Blue Brightly
  4. Caravan Correspondent
  5. Banchan Warrior
  6. Healing Your Heart
  7. Watching the Daisies
  8. Awakening Wildflower

Answers to your questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I started my blog to share my writings in hope of inspiring as many people as possible through them.
  2. Do you blog consistently? I blog on a weekly basis.
  3. What motivates you to keep blogging? Considering the power of words to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble, my aim is to inspire as many people as possible and to change their lives for the better through my writings and photography.
  4. What do you blog about? Do you have a niche? I write articles, poems and short stories in English and Arabic, all of which are about energy healing, relationships, well-being, meditation, mindfulness and peacefulness, and how to bring their great benefits to our everyday life. As far as my niche is concerned, I work as Head of Projects Coordination Unit at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (Egypt). I’m a freelance English editor, translator and writer at numerous publishing houses. I’m also an associate at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA); and a member at the International Association for Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) and the International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS).
  5. Which country are you from? Alexandria, Egypt.
  6. What was your childhood dream? Making people happy and changing their lives for the better and helping them pursue their dreams.
  7. Your favorite quote? “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.”—George Eliot.
  8. Your most memorable vacation so far? After resigning from my first job in 2010, I went on a meditation trip in Aswan and Luxor in Egypt, where I was inspired by the beautiful nature scenes there. I got an opportunity to sneak into peaceful moments, to write soulful pieces of writing, and to take amazing photos.
  9. Your favorite color? All shades of blue.
  10. What would you do if you became invisible for 1 day? I’d make sure it is a day well-spent by disconnecting from my online life, enjoying my solitude and letting the whole world wait just to have a peaceful moment to write and take photos.
  11. What makes you smile? People having the power to get back on their feet after every time they fall down; the way people’s tones change when they talk about people/things they love; the way their eyes sparkle at someone/something they wish or long for; the way they walk towards their passions and follow their dreams; the way they put a smile on others’ faces, give without expectation and make others feel beautiful, happy and loved; the way they love unconditionally, forgive endlessly and give second chances; the way they take chances, beat off challenges and stand for what they believe in; the way they work their socks off, push themselves beyond their comfort zones and laugh at their own problems; and most importantly the way they are forever grateful for whatever comes, find beauty in everything around them and live their lives to the fullest, peacefully!

My 11 questions for nominees to answer:

  1. If you ever get into trouble who’s the one you going to call first? And why?
  2. Describe the person with whom you want to spend your whole life.
  3. Who is/are your favorite author? What’s your favorite book? And your favorite character?
  4. If you have got a chance to meet Bill Gates, what’s the first question that you’re going to ask him?
  5. Your favorite place to spend a day relaxing? And why?
  6. How blogging has affected your life?
  7. Describe your blog in six words.
  8. Do you want to live to be 100? And why (or not)?
  9. What super power would you like to have? And why?
  10. How would you define love?
  11. What’s the best advice someone has ever given you?

Well, that’s another Award wrap. Best of luck to all nominees and thanks again Mairi 🙂



  1. lol thanks for the nomination but I don’t do awards on my blogs 🙂

    so will answer some of your questions here:
    1. I am blessed with some really delightful friends who all support me in various ways but my main go to is closest friend for many years
    2. I am the only one I can rely on to be here for life … learn to love myself more and chill
    5. walk along the beach …
    6. given me a creative outlet and so many precious blogger friendships 🙂
    7. love, issues, prose, photos, love, fun!
    8. No way, health deteriorates too much … glad to go when my time its up

    Look forward to seeing of the other replies 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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