10 Books By Egyptian Female Authors You Should Read

Women of Egypt Mag

Thursday October 4, 2018


In Egypt, like everywhere else, the literarily arena is dominated by male authors. But nonetheless, female writers have been contributing to the literary world since the turn of the twentieth century. And with the new millennia, the number of female writers in Egypt is growing fast. Their books are not merely a source of literary entertainment. They also play a pivotal role in women empowerment. The gender experiences and struggles female authors face in the Egyptian patriarchal society is also discussed in their books, fiction and non-fiction. Their stories resonate with millions of others. Their writings motivate and inspire women and girls. The power of their voice is becoming a driving force for change.

The list of books authored by Egyptian females is long. Here is an assortment of books by some incredible writers you should add to your reading list.

List prepared by Dina Al…

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