Men Busting Misconceptions About Women and Cooking

Women of Egypt Mag

Friday, May 22, 2020                   By: Dina Al Mahdy

In many cultures around the world, misconceptions and double-standards hold back half of society, especially when it comes to women’s roles. One of the most common sexist misconceptions is that a woman’s place is “in the kitchen”.

In Egypt, until recently, men bragged about their inability to even boil an egg. Even though many loves to cook; and despite professional chefs are mostly men, they are ashamed to announce their passion publicly.

Recently, since the coronavirus lockdown, many are coming out of the closet and bragging about their culinary expertise. Some started to learn how to cook, and others are sharing publicly their passion for cooking. In Ramadan cooking groups, men are no longer silent participants, but some are actively involved, sharing recipes, cookbooks and giving cooking tips to other members.

98206358_3128294950542511_2027249680680747008_oFrom left:…

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