Amazed by You and Me: A Poem by Persian Poet Mansur Al-Hallaj; Translated by Dina Al-Mahdy (En/Ar)

img_7168-2Photo credit: Dina Al-Mahdy


I am amazed by You and me, O You, the desire of the desirers..

You drew me closer to Thee, until I thought that You were me..

I vanished in ecstasy, until You erased me, from myself, by Thee..

O my blessing in life, and my rest after death..

I have no intimacy with anyone but Thee, when I’m afraid or in safety..

O You, the gardens of meanings that surround all my art..

And if I ever wished for something, it’s You, my utmost desire..


..عجبتُ منك ومنـّـي يا مُنـْيـَةَ المُتـَمَنّـِي

..أدنيتـَني منك حتـّـى ظننتُ أنـّك أنـّــي

..وغبتُ في الوجد حتـّى أفنيتنـَي بك عنـّــي

..يا نعمتي في حياتــي وراحتي بعد دفنـــي

..ما لي بغيرك أُنــسٌ من حيث خوفي وأمنـي

..يا من رياض معانيـهْ قد حّويْـت كل فنـّـي

..وإن تمنيْت شيْــًــا فأنت كل التمنـّـــي


 ©2018 Dina Al-Mahdy All Rights Reserved


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